Legal Nurse Consultant

What is LNC PRN?

LNC stands for Legal Nurse Consultant and PRN is the medical abbreviation for as needed.  Our legal nurse consultant services are available to legal professionals as needed!  Call or email us for more information!

What does a legal nurse consultant do?

A legal nurse consultant is an expert within their area of practice. These consultants work with law professionals, usually attorneys, and perform a variety of services. They assist in medical malpractice cases, personal injury claims, act as observers during Independent Medical Exams, offer expert consultations to determine if a case has merit, and offer expert witness testimonies. They also offer summaries and chronologies of medical charts, as well as "weaving a story" out of a medical chart full of undecipherable medical terminology and abbreviations. There is an increased demand for legal nurse consultants, leading to more well-rounded, better educated attorney-clients regarding their cases.